Energy basis
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Power engineering

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Today, the Kuzbass power system is one of the largest in the country: it is the third largest power system out of 10 Siberia after Irkutsk Region and Krasnoyarsk Krai

The formation of the Kuzbass power system began in the early 20th century along with the development of the coal industry.

  • 1905: the first large power plant in Siberia, located in the territory of the present-day Kemerovo region ("Anzherskaya" central power station) with installed electrical capacity of 331 kW. It provided electricity for Mikhelson's mines (Sudzhenskie mines).
  • 1924: students of the Tomsk Polytechnic University launched a small hydroelectric power plant in the village of Gorstkino (Guryevsk municipal district), which marked the beginning of the electrification of Siberian villages.
  • 1920: the basis for the development of large-scale power engineering in Kuzbass was laid by the State Plan for the State Electrification of Russia. It was the world's first experience of long-term planning for the national economy development, and it was the development of the power industry that was to serve as a powerful impetus for the rise of the entire industrial production of Soviet Russia. Due to the efforts of builders and engineers, the State Plan was successfully implemented, and 40 power plants were built in the USSR instead of 30.
  • 1932: the first current was produced by the thermal power station of the Kuznetsk Metallurgical Plant - the first regional power plant in Kuzbass.
  • 1934: the turbine generator No. 1 with a capacity of 24 MW of Kemerovo State District Power Plant, which is being built according to the electrification plan, was put into operation. Together with the construction of the first power plants, the construction of high-voltage transmission lines and substations began.
  • 1943: the State Defense Committee made the decision to establish "Kemerovoenergo" Regional Energy Administration (renamed as "Kuzbassenergo" in 1954). It included the Kemerovo State District Power Plant, the Administration of the Northern District of Electric Grids, the Administration of the Southern District of Electric Grids, the Mechanical Repair Plant, Energosbyt, and the Central Production and Research Laboratory. This date is the day of the formation of the Kuzbass energy system, its capacity reaching 275 MW at that time.
  • War years: the capacity of power plants in Kuzbass increased by 1.6 times, and the production of electricity doubled to reached 2.77 billion kWh in 1945.
  • Post-war years: The Kuzbass energy system saw intensive development in 1946-1970, when Kuzbass was tasked with providing a reliable energy base for the restoration and development of the USSR national economy. During that time, large power plants and powerful transmission lines were built and put into operation. In 1966, the Kuzbass energy system was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor for the development of new power equipment and provision of reliable power supply to consumers.
Total length of power lines
76 300
Total electrical capacity of power plants
5 525,34
Total thermal power of power plants
8 744,8

Current situation

The power system of Kuzbass includes 13 power plants with a total installed capacity of 5 525.34 MW, as well as power grid facilities with a voltage class of 1150 kV and below.

At the end of 2020, electricity generation by Kuzbass generating enterprises amounted to 20 432.251 million kWh, and electricity consumption amounted to 31 293.271 million kWh.

The main consumers of electricity in Kuzbass are industrial enterprises, in particular, enterprises of the coal and metallurgical industries.

100 years of the energy industry

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Total investments in 2021
12,8 bln
Key objects
“Tom-Usinskaya” State District Power Plant
"Siberian Generating Company"
Belovo's State District Power Plant
"Kuzbassenergo" JSC
South Kuzbass State District Power Plant
"Mechel" JSC
West Siberian Thermal Power Station
Kemerovo's State District Power Plant
"Siberian Generating Company"